December 26, 2009

lazy days, green nails and that's it.

For some reason I am having a really hard time accessing the blog. Is it happening to you too? I've been trying to open the site and post all day long and it wasn't working at all!
Anyways, I haven't done anything lately or any research what so ever for the blog and that's why I've been posting so many random things about me. So sorry! I promise after my awesome vacation to my beach house I'll pay more attention to that.

So wednesday I went to the salon and got my nails done for Christmas. I was just really looking for something different that would give a nice contrast with my outfit and I saw this really amazing shade of green and decided to try it out! I loved it so much, but my mom was a bit annoyed by it lol. She said: "It looks like the girl's vomit on that Exocist movie!", and I was like: "Thanks a lot mom, that is just whay I love to hear when I get my nais done!"
But whatever. Vomit is such a big trend lol.... NOT!

It is definatly not the regualr nail polish you see around but it's summer here and this colors are such a big hit!!! :) I am gonna try make it least untill new years 'cus this green is gonna look lovely with my white dress.

It's late here and I can't sleep. I am gonna go watch some tv or a boring movie and see if it helps my sleeping problems!



Panda said...

Hi there! :)
I Love your blog, its so cute! Great nail colour too...
Hope you had a brilliant christmas, and thank yew so so much for your comment on my last post.
Panda xx
*follows your blog*

roxanne said...

great color, dear!

Imke said...

Oeeh, I love that color! <3
I have something like it too ^^
& indeed, the reactions on that nail polish, how rude can you be? XD


Jess said...

oh i love bright polish - love this granny apple shade of green :)


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