December 16, 2009

Vanity Fair

These are pictures for a Dolce&Gabbana campaing, that chose Madona as their new face. Check 'em out:

photos by Steve Klein

I kinda like the photos and kinda don't like it. I don't know... I am in betwen!

But anyways, I've been real busy doing some massive Christmas shopping and I gotta tell y'all, this is the one type of shopping that I don't actually enjoy doing that much to be honest. I think people go a little crazy at this time of the year and they decide to go all at once to the mall and turn that place into a living hell, buuut, I gotta do what I gotta do! Goog things come out of that, for example, just yesterday I got the cutest white dress to spend new years looking GREAT! I'll post a picutre of it later so you can all adimire it lol.
So, my laptop is still broken and I really don't think I am getting it fixed since my new one is coming and untill then I continue to use my mom's computer and dream about unwrapping my white HP laptop Santa is bringing me. o/

Oh well, time to go loves, it's movie time.



ellesappelle said...

i'm not really a madonna fan but i do like the first and third images. it certaainly shows a different side to her!

M. and O. said...

New article on

It sleeting in France today, come to see that :) and see Olivia's photos (one of the two creator of daily-women) in her bedroom.



hmmm, madonna looks so,,, different? watching her on SNL on large HD screen was an interesting experience.


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