December 04, 2009


So it's finally friday and I couldn't be happier! :)) The wather sucks really bad and it's hasen't stopped raining since I woke up. No big deal tho, I won't let this ruin any of my weekend plans.
I won't be going to college tonight, so instead I'll be hiting this new bar that just opened with some of my besties. Right now I am just trying to put an outfit together and I can't think of anything cool to wear. Browsing some fashion sites I just happend to read about Fendi designing guitars for this band "Ok Go" that I never heard of, but anyways, I thought it looked really awesome and they are talking about Fendi getting together with Gibson to design some guitars that you can order! How cool is that? Now, I don't play guitar but these photos definatly made me want one for myself! ;)

photo: Julia Petit (

update: so I decided to download some songs of the band "Ok Go" and they actually have some really fun songs, so I totally recomend it! :)

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kirstyb said...

hope u had an awesome weekend x


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