August 06, 2010

August 05, 2010

After 500 years...

So as hard as it is to belive, I am alivie and still intend to coninue with this blog (hopefully post more often). It's been way too long and I miss it, so I am back :)

A lot has happend in my life and that includes an absolute awesome trip to Europe (Sweden, Germany, Italy, Spain and France) last month! Who says Dinsey is the happiest place on earth def. haven't been around Europe. Just saying...

School started again and I feel fresh for another semester so yay for that! Let's see how long this excitment will last.... I'll let you guys know (you guys? does anyone even visit this anymore? ha, i guess will find out soon)

Anyways, I'll be back tomorrow, or the next day to post something more interesting and fashion related, so... xx, for now.


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