January 24, 2010

Random blog about life...

It's amazing how much crap we have on TV these days, and today I probably watched 90% of all that lol.
It was a really lazy sunday for me and to be honest it was all I needed! :)
I stayed in my PJ's, drank chocolate milk, ate junk food, turned on the A/C and sat with my laptop and tv all day long. My twitter is more updated than it has ever been, no joking! I still have to unpack 'cus my luggage is in my bedroom floor for 2 days now and I didn't even look at it once haha good thing my mom is not at home to make me do it right now! phew.
Anyways, amazingly as it sounds we didn't get any rain today o/ but something tells me that tomorrow we are not going to have any sun light what so ever and that totally destroys my plans of puting on my new bikini and getting a nice tan in the morning. Oh well... Story of my life!
Since the tanning idea won't happen most likely I have a plan B wich is going to Blockbuster and renting loads of movies, going to the supermarket and getting loads of junk food just to kill time :P
Do you have any suggestions of what to do with my free time? I honestly need it.


fadetoblack said...

i have days like that too.... i love them!! haha

Ruth loves said...

i love this post
there the best days..
i have a constant supply of chocolate milk.. i must, its amazing!!
i love the picture with the shoe as a gun, its so cool :)
oooh love the new layout btw!
follow me and ill follow back :D? xxxxx

Anonymous said...

i love this post(:
thank you for your nice comment!!
i´m following youu..
xoxo sophie


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