January 22, 2010

Home sweet home...

Hello everyone!!! After almost a month I am finally back home.
I had a wonderful time at the beach house and I already miss it a little bit to be honest! We went out every single night to have drinks, dance, meet people and just hang out...I absolutely adore my summer friends. I've know them for probably about 12 years and this is the only time of the year we get to see each other 'cus we live in different cities! <3

I got home this morning and the weather here is really really sucky!!! It's raining and the sky is cloudy.... But even tho I really miss the sunny days it feels good to be back home!
I missed my bed more than anything! My tv, my computer, my car... My room!!!! lol
And now I have to adjust my bed time, start to wake up early again and all that boring stuff!! My classes won't star untill Feb 8th so I still have a few days to orgnize everything.
I also want to share some pictures with you guys but I still have to upload them on the computer, so maybe on my next update I'll have them ready :D

Anyways, I just came by to say that yes, I am still alive (but I have a cold) and that I missed this blog oh so much.



Anonymous said...

your blog is adorable! you have such an engaging writing style.

love your header photo too... long live Kym Ellery.

x jessy


Hanae said...

you look gorgeous! and love your hair style!!!


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